Why do our clients love us?

If you’re wondering, “Is Stanton Insurance a good insurance company?” you’re in luck. Our customers have spoken, and you can read all about their experiences with Stanton Insurance Insurance here. When you’re done with our insurance reviews, we invite you to call our local agent, who can research insurance rates and coverage for you.
Every time I have an insurance issue that I need to talk to Amy about, I think how lucky I am that she's my agent. She always goes above and beyond to help me. Just yesterday I called her to quickly confirm that I have towing coverage on my insurance. She answered my call right away (as she always does), and went above and beyond by texting me the number of the towing company and my policy # while I was talking to her! I didn't even have to ask. She always makes everything so easy. Thanks Amy!
Brooke Lee, Jan 19 2016
Amy is amazing. She handles all our workers compensation, general liability, and health insurance needs. The best part is that she made the process sooo easy. Typically insurance people need to get back to you after they do some research, Amy knows her stuff and can provide on the spot answers.
Chris Ahlgrim, Feb 04 2016
Amy Stanton is such a professional and the best person I have ever worked with to helps with all of my insurance needs. She is extremely responsive, knowledgable and a pleasure to work with. I love Stanton Insurance!
Rachel Michtavy, Jan 29 2016
Amy made this process of being covered for car, apartment and life (!) simple and absolutely reasonable. She is a five star professional with heart.
Hope Glennon, Nov 06 2014
Amy is the best !!she is taking care of us for a long time!
Olga Storey, Oct 08 2015
Amy goes out of her way to help and really knows her products!
Allie Piccoli, Oct 08 2015